Monday, 16 January 2017

scrappy post

today made this page.... my eldest daughter run a 10k in Disneyland Paris in December 2016 and the day after she had ran a 5k! this time dressed as Mary Poppins! I got the idea for the writing while watching a you tube video. It was done slightly differently in the video so this is my take on it. The font is cut on the Cricut and is Cindy Lou cartridge. I used a blue ink to add some pale splatters to break up the white. adding two fancy paper clips, one on  the main photo and the other being the arrow bottom left. I kept embellishments to the minimum, thinking the title was the main thing other then the photos.  I am not 100% the splatters work, but hey ho...they are on there now! I am quite pleased with the overall finished result. so, I hope you like it, please feel free to leave a comment.All feedback welcome.. Take care of yourselves and remember spread the love people!

Saturday, 14 January 2017

more crafytness

Well, hello again, how are you? I hope everyone is keeping warm and snow free!Its cold in Cumbria and we are lucky all the white stuff as stayed where it belongs...on  the fell tops!

I have shown one like this before(top pic) only a little different. This is for a friend but I'm not saying who! LOL three layers of parchment, on glitter card and toppers, ribbon and bow finish it off. It will also double as a sample card for my more advanced class. the next pic is for the less experienced class. Its a pattern by Judith Maslen. easy and pretty. I think they will enjoy making this one.
And lastly a scrapbooking page. My two wonderful daughters ran the 5k at Disneyland Paris last year dressed up like monsters inc!  They looked fab and had great fun. I used a sissix font Big Hop for the title. I printed the cartoon off the web and cut it out.  The patterned paper is paper par-razz.. had that for ages in a book... the whole page fitted UKS January house challenge. 
So, blog updated again.I hope everyone as enjoyed taking a look at what I have been doing.
Please remember spread the love and live and let live...we are all different lets embrace the differences and celebrate all the things that make us all unique 

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Happy 2017!

I hope this year will be kind to us all. Bring lots of laughter, good health, and joy!
I had a nice time in the south with my family, not being to travel to warmer places after my operation.I got to spend time with my little fur baby too! I really hope mid February  when I see the doctor he will say Leo, my furry pal can come home. But I can't walk him until the  man  "he say YES"! LOL
I thought I would show you the last Christmas card  I made in 2016 and the last scrappy pages, first and then the first scrappy pages and parchment of 2017.
This is a pattern designed by Anne Quinn  It is done on a straight and diagonal grid. I added a star brad at the top of the tree for that bit of Christmas bling!
this tree raider is Kit, my youngest daughters cat. Always loves pinching bits off the tree. It was made
for a UKS weekly challenge. I needed to use traditional colours, a group of three and have a Christmas theme for the page.
 Youngest daughter Angela meets Minnie Mouse!
This is Jordan and  granddaughter Chantel. They walked around Ennerdale Water. For fun on a foggy and damp day.  This is the first scrappy page of 2017! I  had one very long and narrow photo sent to me to use. So, I printed it twice and joined them together!  I used a craft paper doily and a bird and branch sticker. Again, made for a UKS challenge. I needed to use blue, bling and one of something. SO I added the one pin flair button top left.
Last but not least! the first parchment cad of the year. The design is by Pat Murphy! 
so, that's the blog updated with what I have been creating! I hope you have enjoyed seeing my work.
I am so looking forward to a new whisper scrappy page challenge starting soon over at UKS! Plus, next month I am restarting teaching parchment craft. will be nice to see the pupils again and get everyone back to using the tools and skills. So, take care, smile a lot and remember be nice out there a friendly hello and a smile can brighten someones day!

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

parchment work

Hello, well, I have dug the camera out and took more photos. I think I have nearly half NEXT years Christmas cards made now! Which, considering I made none for this year is great going. I have one more on the work table nearly complete too.
Love these two, so easy and simple. I followed the pattern from Parchment Craft Mag on the first one, but the second one. I had a cut out piece of parchment from another project and decided not to waste it and just added the deer onto it. Added washi tape top and bottom to finish it off. The glitter gives the reindeer a touch of style! :) well, I think so!

this one I found tucked into a magazine! I had parched the frame and santa, which is 3D and it just needed mounting up Mirror card and brads and the Merry Christmas tag complete it.
this one I LOVE! It is the reader challenge in the parchment craft magazine.  You got the background of trees and bunnies and snow and then what you do with that is up to you, So, I added a couple of deer which are in the previous months magazine design by Julie Roces.  I love the way it
came out. I shall be using that background again but maybe add a tree instead or a snowman! the stars are 3d stickers just to add a bit of interest in the sky.
Last but not least is a heart. the white areas are stippled. That is done on the reverse of the parchment with a one needle tool and you tap away until it turns white. Doing it on sandpaper helps. Hazel Freeman is the designer. Stippling is a nice effect but boy, can your wrist and arm ache when you need to cover a bigger area. So, best to do it over a space of time, and not rush.
Well, that's the next batch all blogged. I hope you like what you see.
Enjoy your Christmas and remember be nice to all humankind and a smile and kind word cost nothing but can make someone feel so much better.... :)

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

a scrappy page

oops forgot this one! a page of photos taken at Disney USA.granddaughters and their partners. I brought this bumper pad of Disney papers and so used those, and the mickey mouse peeping at the top. Well, someone brought me a Mickey Mouse jar of dreams and on the box were images of Mickey so I cut them out and will be using them on Disney pages. Of which there are quite a few more to waiting to be completed!

hello, I'm back!

Sorry I have been away from blog land but.... I had to go back into hospital and have a third operation on my hip! This time a general check up found the rod in the leg had snapped and so all the metal work needed to be replaced. I sat there for a week waiting for a plan! Which ended up being a guy who is a specialist on repairing hips! Now it seems its a waiting game.. will the bone grow onto the rod and get strong before the new rod snaps! No one knows.... watch this space!
I do know I am missing my fur baby who is with family in the south until I can walk him safe and sound. So grateful for family who have taken Leo in and loved him and cared for him....
So, back to crafting. I have been busy. Well, what can I do other then craft when I cant walk far!
These are Christmas cards, I made so few this year. I have used a free pattern from Anne Quinn for Joy and Peace and really enjoyed doing my own thing with the design.Below is a free pattern by Julie
Roces. I love her designs and again I used my own ideas to complete the design.I used two layers of parchment so I could cut out the oval.
Next is a Linda Williams design from the Parchment magazine. I think I used a card-stock that is a little too dark but I plan on remaking this one using blue vellum and a lighter shade of card. For this one I dorso-ed the back of regular  parchment.

So, not able to decide what to make next, I pulled seven old parchment mags out from a crate and challenged myself to make at least two designs from each magazine. This is the first one. A Tina Cox design... Tina is a lovely soul and her designs are a joy are make. I dip dotted in ink and it will be ideal for a mans birthday! The male  birthdays are ALWAYS the hardest to make a card for!
Now then, I have made a couple more birthday cards but...those will have to wait for they have a date on and if the people they are meant for take a peep at my blog then their card won't be a surprise on their big day..and that's not fair so look out for those later in the year!
I hope to blog again soon as there are other cards that need to be photo-ed! and more on my table as work in progress!
MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all and I hope 2017 will be a great, healthy happy year for us all.
Thanks for looking at my blog a even bigger thank you if you left a comment, always nice to know there's someone out there!
Remember folks its the season of good will towards all men and women and kiddies and fur baby's! 
so, spread the love and live and let live in peace and joy and love!
Oh! important too Remember please
dogs and cats and puppies and kittens and all cute furry things are for life not just Christmas!
so before buying one has a gift please think about it carefully.
thank you!

Monday, 31 October 2016

Halloween craft

Hello, I thought I would update the blog with the two new items I have completed.
I HATE Halloween but the weeks challenge was that theme so I grabbed a photo from facebook of granddaughter Chloe. I used Graphic 45 paper, as I loved the "C"  which fitted in fab, I added some glitter glue around that to help it stand out. I used a fussy cut piece from anther piece a paper, I can't remember the maker of that one sorry. I used it last year and I knew I had this small left over off cut which fitted in fine.The challenge set was to use orange,black and white. Plus Halloween as a theme and visible journalling. The arrow in the clock face is loose so it will spin.
The next is a parchment piece. Its a free pattern by Julie Roces. I love her designs. I think this one may be a little too big to use has a Christmas card. I should have resized it a little smaller. but I enjoyed working on it that is the main thing.
Well, that's it for this time. I am back on crutches until the leg muscles heal. I feel I took a step backwards but needs be...
Take care out there folks and remember spread the love and be nice.... a friendly smile can brighten someone's day!