Monday, 10 October 2016

can;t sleep so.....

Here's the parchment card I have been working on. Its in the Parchment Craft Magazine and designed by Nettie Kramer. I used oil based pencils to colour the first layer and then used aqua pencils on top. It's called the wet and dry technique. The oil pencils protect the parchment, (which hates water), from the water colouring. It was a nice one to do.

I have started a new 5d painting and I have been looking through the older parchment mags and picked out three patterns I would like to try out. I really should be doing Christmas cards. I don't need many and should make a start.

I am still having some discomfort with the muscles in my leg and I think while walking the dog I'll have to go back to using a crutch until they heal. Its quite painful and they need time. I am a bit upset at taking the backwards step but hey ho. No need to build it up into a bigger problem in my mind then it really is!

So I need to try and sleep so sweet dreams keep safe and remember be nice out there!

Sunday, 9 October 2016

good morning

This is eldest daughter Karen , check out her blog at http:// she is very good at running and has a busy life! She loves her hats! I made this for another UKS challenge. Lots of challenges using autumn colours this month.

This one is 5d diamond painting. I took me ages to complete but its worth it. It will be framed to go to son in law Marc for his firms charity raffle. 

This is the October monthly challenge over at UKS. I had to follow a colour palette basic browns and creams. Its my lovely hubby Kevin. in a week or so it will be four years since he died, but he lives with me in spirit every hour. SO glad I scrap and I can keep the memories for the future generations. I used basic kanban card stock and some gold accents stickers by my Shimelle which I brought from Hey Little Magpie. the MDF is from Fernli designs. Great prices and quick to send if you need any go look see what you think. the paper with stars on is Simple Stories. one of those sheets you cut up to use the journalling bits and frames. They go a long way so I love those. 
Well, the sun is out and its a great October day. I had a bump on my bad leg, kids playing in the supermarket with a trolley crashed into me. I cant move out the way quick enough these days. So its sore and painful but it'll be OK with rest. Whatever you are doing in the week ahead enjoy! remember keep safe out there, spread the love and be nice.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

parchment and more scrappy stuff

this is a book style card I made in parchment for my eldest  daughter and her hubby. a few layers and I'm pleased how it turned out!

this one was for another UKS challenge. I used a very pale lilac card stock and a Kanban Heavy weight patterned  acetate with a thinner shadow vellum. I Had to use a sea/sky photo, gold and a circle. I tied a tag to the circle.

This page was supposed to meet the the requirements of the above but has it went along it suddenly came out different and nothing like planned or needed to meet the challenge! I used a black card stock and a tando stencil with Heidi Swapp coloured textured paint to get what I hope looks like tyre tracks.
So I am now upto date for blogging. I am still working on the Christmas 5d painting. Lots of colour changes in the tiles and its taking time but I find it so relaxing. I am also working on a birthday card in parchment for someone special...;) I'm sure I'll blog it all when done. SO leave a message if you want to let me know you called by and keep safe, spread the love and be nice out there! All you need is LOVE...right?

hello October

I hope everyone is well and happy in blog-land this morning. Sun is shining here in Cumbria but there is a sharp nip in the air!Here are two pages I have done over the weekend. Snowdon is my daughters trek up the mountain. I used white and stock and scraps for this one. I was following rules as both these pages will be used at some point over at UKS for challenges. The next one is on a paper by Kaisercraft paper. Their collection called Boho Dreams which can be brought from Crafty Charlie. I used flowers from my stash and a chip board frame which I gessoed and then used rub- ons to colour. So now I need to go and see what else I need to upload, to add to this blog. I am still getting to grips with windows 10 where photos are concerned and every time I think I cracked it, they update and I have to start learning all over! so remember keep crafting, feel free to leave a comment and remember folk spread the love and be nice out there!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

good afternoon

Hello, how is everyone? Well and happy I hope just nipped on to share two projects
a fan in parchment and a scrappy page. It was my birthday yesterday, and every year I make a page for me. A little update on how I view life. What I am reading, planning etc. the fan is a pattern by Julie Roces, I added a 3d flower for that little bit extra. the scrappy page is white card stock with a red spotty page underneath, the spotty paper came from USA and has no maker on it, I took a selfie and cut the title on the cricut. Stitching around it  with thread. I printed off my journaling  and edged it with a red pro marker so it stands out against the white, The frame around the numbers is one from a chipboard pkt I have had for a while!  So that's my update for now, I am still working on a Christmas 5d diamond painting, Its huge and lots of colours and I have a long way to go before its done. So, take care out there, and remember spread the love and be nice!


Wednesday, 14 September 2016

September update

I hope everyone out there in blog-land is happy and well. It's been a while since I posted sorry about that! So, here's a few things I have made since the last time I blogged. This is my youngest daughter and her hubby, I did this page for a challenge on UKS, I used a dinner plate, a tea plate and a saucer and cappuccino  cup to draw the circles with a red pro marker. I added brads and sticky backed hearts at random and  some butterfly embellishments to complete the look.

These pages are of family in USA on the gun range. I used plain white card stock and black paint through a Andy Skinner stencil. the names a rubber stamped in black ink. I wanted this to be a little messy.
Here's a new craft for me. 5D diamond painting. It's a little like painting by numbers meets cross stitch but it's all done by adding beads or rhinestones to a sticky canvas, the canvases are cheap and it's super easy to do and a great time waster! Check out ALISEXPRESS for canvases and indeed heaps more, fabric, crafty stuff  and all-sorts! Its run a little like eBay but in China. Don't let that put you off postage is often free or little tiny amounts and they send things a lot quicker then you think! I love this craft and as I am taking a mini break from parchment craft this is ideal. The first canvas is made with round plastic tiles and the dancers are made with round rhinestones. I am now working on a Christmas themed canvas that as square tiles. When its finished I'll let you see. I should say you buy the whole thing as a kit. so you get the canvas, the beads/rhinestones. and a little tray to put the beads in. I would recommend to buy some small lidded pots so you can add your beads into those and out the cello bags they are supplied in. I number the pots according in the canvas details. Amazon do some sauce pots 50 pots for under £4 p&p free! Ideal.

Well, folks there's another couple of things to upload but the PC is taking sooooo long and being painfully slow but then it is on charge.... I'm not over technically minded so I don't know if that's why its slow! I'll upload those and more soon. Until then take care spread the love and peace and be nice out there!

Sunday, 21 August 2016

a morning with my art jorunal

well, I decided the AJ had sat on the shelf  long enough without being used and it must be feeling sad. I felt the need to get messy and here is the result , I got a lot out my system this morning. It is amazing how paint and ink and gesso can clear your mind .... I got a bit sad and disgusted by something I read.. not about me I may add but I felt sad that people could be so yuk. this morning well, new day and all that jazz and I decided to let it all float in the ether, life is too short. so, yesterday I made a new scrappy page. Son in law  Marc with his partner in crime Leo, my dog. They jog for miles, and enjoy it. Marc took a selfie.... so this is a happy page, shows the joy of simple things and the friendship
of a guy and a dog! I have another couple of pages all prepped ready to let the feelings flow. that I will post another day. But please people remember.... to each their own choices. It may not be your bag but hey ho spread the love and leave the hate behind... with everything happening in the world right now....we could all do with a spoonful of acceptance and a jug of understanding and bucket full of love! be nice out there!