Wednesday, 19 April 2017

busy crafter

Good evening all, How are you this evening? I hope well and happy. I have decided I will try to miss all the election buff on telly, through the letterbox, on radio, etc etc and craft! so...what have I been up too? first parchment.. Below the ladies..I made two versions of this card. I did that because the more experienced of my classes will make this card and I wanted to show them how different she looks when you change the tones of her hair, skin and eyes and lips. Maybe add a different colour bead in the flower on the hair. She is coloured in blend-able pencils and the design is by Judith Maslen.
Here is the Gypsy! Again a Judith Maslen pattern. I asked Judith if there was going to be a peddler or gypsy to go with the caravan. I did  show you that card on a earlier post. Judith, kind and lovely lady that she is, not to mention talented...designed the card  and people seem to love her pattern. She is dorsed on the back. Which is blend-able pencil and then you smooth out or spread the colour with a little fragrant  oil.

so now scrapbooking. challenges on UKS do keep me scrapping. and I love raising to the challenge of them. Sometimes they take me out of my comfort zone and I have to try different things or a different style.
 So above is a page for the sketch challenge. The lady running this picks a page from the UKS gallery and then turns that into a working sketch. We all have to use the sketch has the base of our page. It doesn't have to be a copy, just take elements  from the sketch and do your own version. Do you scrap? Maybe you can try using my version in the same way and see what you come up with. Its called scrap-lifting. Below is a close up of the top left corner of the page. Sometimes a close up helps you see detail better :) That baby in the photo is now 19 years old! I have so many older photos that need scrapping.
Next, this page is for a weekly challenge. I had to use Easter/spring has a theme a pink/purple/cream/green palette and use five different embellishments. So, I used a selfie taken with my youngest daughter
below are two close ups. I used several colours of narrow ribbon to make the bow and added a tassel and I used a cluster of die-cuts.

Last of all, a page for yet another challenge. I had to use vintage, three items from a long list and ripping and tearing... These are photos taken in the 1980's myself and Daughter Angela. the same daughter in the selfie above... a few years have passed by .LOL I really enjoyed making this one. I just inked and I went through some old junk journal stuff I have in a bag. I found denim, sandpaper, canvas bits. and that old inked feather! I just had fun seeing what worked for a seaside page.
Here's the close ups. Below that feather! I love it

In the one below some MDF chicken wire and canvas bits.

Well folks. That's it for this time. I hope you enjoyed what you have seen. I wish you all a goodnight and sweet dreams. Take care of yourselves and remember folks spread the love and keep the peace.
until next post...

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

mixed batch

I have a mixed batch to upload tonight. So, lets start....with art journal stuff
the above is my, once again, trying to draw. Ha! trying being the word! I was using a new (to me) pen a acrylic paint maker pens. I like them but the tip  is quite broad so would like them better if they were double ended. There's some texture paint on her too and blend- able pencil and watercolour. So quite a few different mediums.

Now these two, oh dear where in my head did this happen! I started off nose drawing and ended up with a wild woman. I just had fun with her and get the pencil speed across the card. later i added colour. I just thought well, may as well go the whole hog!

next is scrappy stuff
so above are two older photos. Chloe is now 21yrs. here she is 2 yrs. wearing her Granddad's hat. It was a page I made for a UKS challenge. I used Kassiercraft rub ons and bo bunny paper and a few bits and bobs like chipboard words and mdf flowers.

so here above is a photo taken on Chloe;s 21st. Mother  and daughters.... I used mainly pink and black.. I have had a small pad of square  card for ages so I thought I would use it here. I added sequins and a cluster of flowers below are close ups so you can see better.

so here we have another UKS challenge page and a close up of detail. these three lovely people run to raise money for Macmillan. I am so proud of them

and one last one  

granddaughter Chantel,lovely has ever!
so one piece of parchment and I am done!
pattern by Judith Malsden .
so people, its been a funny old week and not all nice news I guess. What with people in USA being dragged off planes via force.. and Areas in Russia setting up concentration camps for gay men! SHAME ON THEM! what can I say...everyone is different. we are all human... we all like different things and have different ways and tastes and ideas. Lets embrace all that makes the world a better place.  Do whatever floats your boat-- and let  others float theirs their way...  spread the love and embrace life folks ... and whoever you find love with and where-ever.. just hold on to it... the world needs all the love it can get right now.
till next time!


Wednesday, 5 April 2017

to bring it up to date

Hello! Well, I will update  the blog again tonight to add the scrappy stuff. But first one piece of parchment that got slipped by yesterday. Easter treats! Bunnies with chocolate eggs in their tums. I made these to give to class members.
below is a page made for a UKS challenge. I had to pick a word from a list to use on the page. EXPLORE seemed good. Leo, is  a naughty dog but never off the lead because he will not recall. Well, a trip to the beach with my daughter and she got brave and Leo much to our amazement  behaved like a pro! even bringing his ball back! Yay it was lovely to see him running free. I added a close up of the alphas as I had coloured the top half of those with promarkers so they looked like water.

Next and below is a page made for a whisper swap again on UKS. I get a email picture of a page and I have do a page showing my idea based on what i get. So, granddaughter Chantel, now all grown up is the subject. she discovered cartwheels...and loved showing off her new skill!
another page for yet another challenge. ennerdale water a special place. I used texture paste and ripped paper. mists too...
So, that's it all up to date. thanks for looking.
remember folks spread the love and hugs and smiles and kisses are far better then groans and moans and nasty words! Live and let live out there! until next time....

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

busy bee

Hello everyone.
well, I have been busy crafting as per normal. I may split this times craftiness into two posts. One now and one in a couple of days! I'll see how the time goes. so. lets start with parchment

this pattern is by Julie Roces. I love her designs, there is a close up too because there's so much work on this one! The more experienced class will tackle this card next lesson

this is a Judith Masden design, The less experienced class tackled this one earlier tonight, lets just say  they need to work on it! :) but I'm sure when they come to the next lesson they will have mastered it!
below is a close up of the daffodil.

another Judith design. this is for  the next lesson for the less experienced.. it will be a interesting lesson! so many crosses and colouring over the pattern for the first time!
opp's a scrappy page slipped in. this is my youngest daughter Angela who was 4 years old here and is now in her 30's. Isn't she pretty? and she grew up into a beautiful lady too!
below is a card made ready for the more experienced class in a few weeks time,grid work and colouring,

so now I will post this set of work and then tomorrow load the rest of the scrapbooking, its not easy to type has I cut my finger wide open with a craving knife, So, the nurse had to dress it, and she went to town with the bandage and my poor finger is now four times the size due to being wrapped and wrapped. Tomorrow  I can remove it for a plaster! thankfully,, I was so pleased with myself.. I didn't swear! honest I didn't swear,,,
So, take care and spread the love. Remember we are all different . All have our own ways and opinions it makes the world a more interesting place,, we just need to celebrate the differences more and  embrace them all. 

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

more crafty-ness

Hello everyone. I have been busy since I last blogged. I am starting off with parchment work . The first being a design from Judith Maslen   has is the second (cupcake) card. Both of these will be used for lessons.

The daises are a card that was included in a recent Parchment Craft magazine. Again made for a sample on a lesson.

the card below is a Louquada design. A lot of grid work for the more experienced ladies to work on!

Now scrapbooking. below is a UKS challenge. My two daughters are the subject. I had to use scraps and chipboard  and leave white space. For those not used to scrapbooking, white space is a larger area of un-used space, whatever the colour!
next, again is for a UKS challenge where I had to follow a sketch. I was able to use up lots of frames I had had in my stash for far to long! Like quite a few other things but I am slowly using up older stash!

Last but not least, is another weekly challenge for UKS. Its myself and daughter in law Tina. I had to use yellow, gems, black and white photo and a one word title. I used the packaging technique for the first time to make the background.

well , that's it for this post. I have no idea who is viewing the blog if anyone... so please leave a message or feel free to follow me. Remember people spread the love, accept folks for what they are not what you wish them to and laugh...its far better for you then being miserable and angry! :)and I'll hopefully be back at a later date with more of my crafty makes

Monday, 13 March 2017

hello again

well, the days are slowly getting longer and the evenings lighter all we need now is some decent weather! so what have I been making? the one below is a Judith Maslen pattern and made was a sample for a class.
the one below was made has a class sample for the more experienced ladies / to emboss a rose is always a bit of a challenge!

Next is scrapping. I have to thank a lovely lady who also belongs to the kit club Pol Prince for cutting the globe for me.My family are my world and it seemed a great way to use the globe! the diamonds are  rub ons. they seemed ideal has at the bottom right it says about make every day sparkle! the two photos below are of close ups. the half doily sticker is hard to see on a photo. I have had the heart charms in my stash for ages.

Below is a page of granddaughter Chloe. Soon to be 21! I loved this photo taken December last year. the bright colours reflect her bubbly nature.. again the title is thanks to Pol Prince who cut the file for me. I did have other plans on using the title but they didn't work out  as I hoped but I'm still pleased with  the page.
and lastly.... my dog Leo meets a cow while on a walk with daughter Angela and her hubby Marc. I used the title...Leo Meets Cow....Moo are you!! it was a page I made for a sketch challenge over at UKS. I used a fiskers punch for the shapes and sticky backed dots and sequins to embellish. 

So, this is the end of another blog entry. I hope you enjoyed having a look. Please follow me or leave a comment. Remember to spread the love and accept folk has they are and not has you would like them to be! The world will be a better place for a few extra smiles and a lot more laughter!
see you next time until then, take care!

Thursday, 2 March 2017

first crafty makes for March

Good evening all. How are you all keeping? Well I hope and avoiding coughs and colds that seem  to be doing the rounds! Lighter and longer days will soon be here! so, much better for parchment craft when there is a natural light.
So, at last a post with some parchment! The first one is a Anne Quinn pattern . Its a rocking card and the petals on the flowers are 3D I used this one for a class, I teach two groups of ladies.
the one below is a Geraldine Price  pattern and once again made to show the more experienced group of ladies what they are aiming to make.

Next a little bit of mixed media. I have no idea where this is heading, I am going with the flow. playing with paint. Art journalling is NOT my strong point. but its fun and you only fail if you don't try Right? and anyway crafting is supposed to fun!
and so last but not least is scrapbooking. Both of these are for challenges over at UKS. the first is Jibba Jabba fun at Christmas. The paper is   Oh Joy collection.. by >> oh dear that info escapes me!
this one below is for the whisper swap over on UKS I get sent a email with a photo attachment of a page someone else has made and I have to lift it. and then pass my version on to the next person in the line and at the end of a few months we shall see how the pages have changed. We all set a page off into the circle. Its fun to see how the pages change has they get passed along. I used magnolia jane paper by Heidi Swapp for this backed by a old K&co paper by Brenda Walton called damask then the base layer is plain card.

So, that's it for this post. Take care of yourselves please feel free to leave a comment or follow me.
remember to  be nice and smile and spread the love. We are all different in some way , Which is good, it makes life interesting and fun and we can learn from each other. SO throw someone a hug or smile you never know you may make a friend or cheer up someones day!