Tuesday, 21 March 2017

more crafty-ness

Hello everyone. I have been busy since I last blogged. I am starting off with parchment work . The first being a design from Judith Maslen   has is the second (cupcake) card. Both of these will be used for lessons.

The daises are a card that was included in a recent Parchment Craft magazine. Again made for a sample on a lesson.

the card below is a Louquada design. A lot of grid work for the more experienced ladies to work on!

Now scrapbooking. below is a UKS challenge. My two daughters are the subject. I had to use scraps and chipboard  and leave white space. For those not used to scrapbooking, white space is a larger area of un-used space, whatever the colour!
next, again is for a UKS challenge where I had to follow a sketch. I was able to use up lots of frames I had had in my stash for far to long! Like quite a few other things but I am slowly using up older stash!

Last but not least, is another weekly challenge for UKS. Its myself and daughter in law Tina. I had to use yellow, gems, black and white photo and a one word title. I used the packaging technique for the first time to make the background.

well , that's it for this post. I have no idea who is viewing the blog if anyone... so please leave a message or feel free to follow me. Remember people spread the love, accept folks for what they are not what you wish them to be...smile and laugh...its far better for you then being miserable and angry! :)and I'll hopefully be back at a later date with more of my crafty makes

Monday, 13 March 2017

hello again

well, the days are slowly getting longer and the evenings lighter all we need now is some decent weather! so what have I been making? the one below is a Judith Maslen pattern and made was a sample for a class.
the one below was made has a class sample for the more experienced ladies / to emboss a rose is always a bit of a challenge!

Next is scrapping. I have to thank a lovely lady who also belongs to the kit club Pol Prince for cutting the globe for me.My family are my world and it seemed a great way to use the globe! the diamonds are  rub ons. they seemed ideal has at the bottom right it says about make every day sparkle! the two photos below are of close ups. the half doily sticker is hard to see on a photo. I have had the heart charms in my stash for ages.

Below is a page of granddaughter Chloe. Soon to be 21! I loved this photo taken December last year. the bright colours reflect her bubbly nature.. again the title is thanks to Pol Prince who cut the file for me. I did have other plans on using the title but they didn't work out  as I hoped but I'm still pleased with  the page.
and lastly.... my dog Leo meets a cow while on a walk with daughter Angela and her hubby Marc. I used the title...Leo Meets Cow....Moo are you!! it was a page I made for a sketch challenge over at UKS. I used a fiskers punch for the shapes and sticky backed dots and sequins to embellish. 

So, this is the end of another blog entry. I hope you enjoyed having a look. Please follow me or leave a comment. Remember to spread the love and accept folk has they are and not has you would like them to be! The world will be a better place for a few extra smiles and a lot more laughter!
see you next time until then, take care!

Thursday, 2 March 2017

first crafty makes for March

Good evening all. How are you all keeping? Well I hope and avoiding coughs and colds that seem  to be doing the rounds! Lighter and longer days will soon be here! so, much better for parchment craft when there is a natural light.
So, at last a post with some parchment! The first one is a Anne Quinn pattern . Its a rocking card and the petals on the flowers are 3D I used this one for a class, I teach two groups of ladies.
the one below is a Geraldine Price  pattern and once again made to show the more experienced group of ladies what they are aiming to make.

Next a little bit of mixed media. I have no idea where this is heading, I am going with the flow. playing with paint. Art journalling is NOT my strong point. but its fun and you only fail if you don't try Right? and anyway crafting is supposed to fun!
and so last but not least is scrapbooking. Both of these are for challenges over at UKS. the first is Jibba Jabba fun at Christmas. The paper is   Oh Joy collection.. by >> oh dear that info escapes me!
this one below is for the whisper swap over on UKS I get sent a email with a photo attachment of a page someone else has made and I have to lift it. and then pass my version on to the next person in the line and at the end of a few months we shall see how the pages have changed. We all set a page off into the circle. Its fun to see how the pages change has they get passed along. I used magnolia jane paper by Heidi Swapp for this backed by a old K&co paper by Brenda Walton called damask then the base layer is plain card.

So, that's it for this post. Take care of yourselves please feel free to leave a comment or follow me.
remember to  be nice and smile and spread the love. We are all different in some way , Which is good, it makes life interesting and fun and we can learn from each other. SO throw someone a hug or smile you never know you may make a friend or cheer up someones day!

Saturday, 25 February 2017


Good evening folks, I hope everyone is keeping dry and warm and managed to survive Storm Doris!
I have been scrapbooking. There are a few parchment pieces on the table as work in progress but this post is all scrappy stuff, oh and a little Art journalling .I guess I should have named this blog something more general. but I can't change it now without loosing all the past posts!
This one above is my eldest daughter with her friends on a day trip to Harry Potter land, It was her birthday . It was inspired by a sketch challenge over at UKS.  it's White card stock and I got the dust off the sewing machine for the stitching.

This was another page made for a challenge over at UKS I had to use blue, a winter photo and a sketch. Again its Karen the eldest daughter. on that trip to Harry Potter land
This again is for a UKS challenge. I had to follow the sketch. Its Leo my dog. He has been living with family over the past fifteen months while I recovered from three operations on my hip and leg. At last the doc said Yes to him coming home! YAY. I used a pale pink striped paper and some project life cards and tags.
This is yet another UKS challenge. I love these challenges. They are a sure thing to keep me scrapping away. This is Angela, youngest daughter and her hubby Marc and Karen all running to raise funds for a charity that Angela's work place Briggs supported. I used a Dazzlers texture paste and stencil for the trainer prints . I needed to use mixed media, a huge title and do some free hand stuff.
This page is Art Journal  work. I'm not that good at this stuff but enjoy having a go now and then. I had a background already. If I have un-used left over paint etc I slap it on a page and then hope I can work with it! I used  off cuts of material for the lady and dogs and a few bows. I just went with the flow and had fun.  

This is pastels. Never used them before and I'm in love with them. Now I hope to get a bigger set and so more shades. I am learning as I go. I already said I'm not a lot of good at art journaliling  and faces are a challenge! I used a spray fixative over the top to stop the pastel smudging.
Well, that's it from me this time. Is anyone looking? who knows But I keep the blog running, and hope someone nips in to check it out! Anyway I enjoy it! So why not! 
So, has always, spread the love folks. We are all different in one way or another...right????? so embrace the differences. Celebrate each others talents. and smile :) till next time.....


Friday, 10 February 2017

more craftiness

Good evening all
 I thought I would update the blog as I have a few things completed. First one is butterflies for a challenge on UKS the papers are pink pasliee (top paper) and Anna Griffin. I coloured the border in felt tips so the page had some colour and added tiny gems to the centers of some of the flowers. I used Heidi Swapp texture paste through a old metal stencil  to add extra butterflies.
 The next two are the page and a close up of the layers. It is a old retro picture of family at a wedding. I thought I would never get to scrap this one but again a challenge on UKS fitted the bill. I love the challenges because it encourages me to scrap more and challenges me out of my scrappy comfort zone when I have to include all  requirements on the page.In this case.  patterned papers, a few die cuts and a shade of yellow.

This is Florida at night. Some of the family went there on holiday last summer and took pictures of the sky line from the moving car. Its a new way to scrap a photo for me but I think I pulled it off. I used glitter on some MDF shapes to show up the fact the lights shining out into the night.

A parchment card. All ready to send for a birthday. Pattern by Anne Rowntree.

I hope you have enjoyed looking, any questions please ask I'll do my best to answer.
Keep warm and safe and remember people spread the love, be nice and smile!

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Hello February

Hello and good evening all, It is just about still evening. I can't sleep so trotted off to the kitchen to make a hot drink and thought I would update the blog has you do at this time of night!
A couple of parchment pieces first of all. One a card and the other a framing piece. The card with the cats is a design by Linda Williams and the framing piece is by Kanny. both  patterns are in the parchment craft mag summer special of 2014!

Next I have entered the wonderful world of planners! 

I decided to go for a recipe planner to start me off. I intend to only add recipes I have tried and like and will make again. My planner is a Me and My Big Ideas planner available from Hey Little Magpie.I brought a boxed kit so I got the planner and a few stickers and things to use with it. But they do have different ones available. I have photoed the cover for you to see and my first page. Baked egg peppers. I intend to do with every recipe like I have on this first page take a photo after I have made it and give it a star rating.Tom's Daily Plan by Tom Daley is where this recipe hails from. Its a excellent book, recipes that are easy and you can get what you need from any supermarket, easy to cook and nice simple everyday food which is good to eat but still healthy. there's simple exercises no gym fees or special treadmills etc and life hacks to help you manage the sweet tooth... and boy do I have one of those! The book is available on Amazon and good book stores! So, I'll let you know how the planner develops... I have brought things like Smash books before which are sadly sitting on the shelf unused!  But, the planner is already underway so that's got to be a good sign! Go me! 
so now I bid you all goodnight....sleep well my friends and remember be kind and nice and if you can't say anything good  don't say anything at all! 

Sunday, 29 January 2017

scrappy post

I have been scrapbooking over the last couple of days Both pages are for challenges on UKS the first one.. I love that collage photo. Its printed on my Canon Selphy, and I love my little printer so much. One of my better and more used buys! Its the same photo but top left is black and white and top right is filtered with latte and the bottom has no filter at all. I cropped the photo down so it would print. The heart paper is PINK PAISLIE...the strips at the side of the photo are fussy cut from a sheet of paper sent to me from USA. The rest of embellishments have been in my stash far to long.
The ones below...well I don't really like this photo of myself I think I look so old and wrinkly! LOL It was taken at the butterfly farm in Stratford upon Avon in January. Well worth the visit, so many different colours and sizes and its a great day out. I had a lovely time there with my granddaughter Chantel and her partner Jordan.
  Again printed on the Selphy. The small photos were printed as a collage but I cut it up into four lots. I have added a close up of the verse which is printed on the patterned vellum . Again, that's been in the stash pile for far too long!

So, I seem to be doing rather well at keeping the blog updated! I hope someone is looking but hey ho... I enjoy blogging and keeping a record of what I've done. So, keep safe and warm and remember kind words and a smile go along way! Spread the love and keep the peace, The world needs it right now!