Saturday, 20 May 2017

Last blog post for May

Good evening all.
Been a funny kind of day. That special song played on the radio and the tears fell, quick chat with a friend and I felt better. Showers and sunshine and of course I got caught in the heaviest shower  when walking the dog! Tut Tut.... so lets get on with the crafty stuff
                                                               Scrappy stuff first.

so, son in law Kez is now the grand age of 44yrs... everyone likes a slice of cake and what better then chocolate birthday cake! I used a Heidi Swapp texture paste through a Tando stencil to add strips. The dotty paper is from a Christmas collection by My Minds Eye. Goes to show not all the papers out of a themed collection need to be used just for one holiday! There is hidden journalling in the envelope.

Next Harry Potter world.. Karen and her friends. There was a printed banner on this chalkboard paper,well there still is, you just can't see it. I had fun just adding and adding things to it!  as you see on the close ups. Sometimes I guess its knowing when to stop LOL

More Harry Potter. there are more photos and journalling hidden behind and one photo 
And last... Chloe. Cutie baby Chloe who is now all grown up! Sitting in the sink after a busy, muddy day playing in the garden. Thanks to Pol Prince for cutting the circles cut file. You are so kind and a lovely friend! I used tissue and bubble wrap  and odd card cut offs to fill the circles. Added sequins. I used a pro markers around each circle to highlight them a little, and one flair button.two little bits of journalling, bubble wrap and more tissue behind the photo to tie it all together. and its done.

On to parchment below is a Gail Symdem pattern (sorry if I spelt the last name incorrectly) it needed a stamp set I hadn't got. I traced the main items but the plant and flowers are my free hand efforts I am not the artist Gail is. But I thought a dresser was a nice subject for a New Home card, If I should ever need one!
Judith Maslen again below. Love her designs. Not a hard one to make but great for all ages. 
close up shows the kite better. 

Well, that's all from me for this month! I shall carry on crafting and in time show you what I have been up to next!
Until then, enjoy the spring weather, hopefully you will have some sunshine! Remember folks spread the love, accept the differences and smile! Make the world a better place. In the words of a Ed Sherran ( most likely spelt his name wrong too)lol song, Life isn't all about fitting in your jeans!
till next blog post in June then..... bye!

Friday, 12 May 2017

rainy evening post

Hello, I had such encouraging messages from family and friends, many told me why they can't or won't post on my blog. So, I have decided to carry on plodding and blogging on!
We have welcome rain here tonight. A  nice steady light constant fall of welcome drink for the garden. so, Lets start. first scrappy stuff.
Below, Never a easy subject for me to scrap my late hubby. It was a challenge over on UKS. I had to use Kraft ( a brand of brown card) denim and white. I had a old pair of jeans so cut out the pocket  and waist band. I wanted to show how Kevin loved his jeans. The paint shows how after the jeans were getting worn he would use them for work.
Next is  daughter Karen at Harry Potter World. I used a sheet of Bo Bunny paper from a Halloween collection. The clock face and cogs and frame and owl are MDF brought from a company called Fernli  . I coloured the clock with pro-markers and rub ons. Same with the frame. I used feathers for clock hands.

below is a close up of some of the embellishments 

This is a rare  double page spread from me. The paper was sent to me from USA by a friend. the Mickey on the left is 3d. Its the Kiddos making memories!
Ok lets break up the scrappy stuff with some parchment, but there is one more scrappy page at the end. Below is a Judith Maslen pattern. nice easy one and will be great for a little lad!
Below is a Anne Rowntree pattern. and a close up too. She is 3d and I enjoyed making this one from a parchment craft magazine published back in Sept.2006, a golden oldie but a nice one.

so last of all.  made with a Kaisercraft shaped page. and for a UKS sketch challenge. I used ribbon, lace and card for the banner under the photo. Its my two granddaughters and their Mom.

                   close ups help you see the banner and the flowers I added on the page. Plus a ribbon and                           bead bow.

So, that's it folks. Brings you up to date. Me, I'm off to watch a John Wayne film and a naughty but nice homemade scone. Maybe naughtier still I'll add some clotted cream that happens to be in the fridge with a odd fresh raspberry or two!
So, spread the love folks, Flash a smile and a cheery hi! Brighten someones day. The world is a crazy place these needs all the love it can hold.. until next post...take care....

Sunday, 7 May 2017

is anyone there?

I'm wondering if its worth blogging Seems no one is commenting to let me know they are interested so I'm thinking is it worth while. On the plus side, I know some people are looking but not commenting why is that I wonder. Another of life's unimportant questions I guess LOL So, while I think it over here's my next batch. Parchment. First pattern is by Judith Masden  Love Judith's designs.
these next two are by Nikki Quinn. the dragon fly and frog are 3D. I painted the dragonfly with H2O's.

scrapbooking is next. This is grandson Josh. I used papers from my stash that have sat there too long.
Daughter Angela dressed to impress! raising funds for Barnados. Angela is always up for a challenge and make people laugh. I  fussy cut two minions from another sheet of paper.
                                              Love that ribbon I used at the left side.
Below. Granddaughters Chantel and Chloe with the boyfriends at Disney. the castle and bunting is MDF. I coloured the castle with metallic rub ons to give it some shine. copying the castles colours in the photo as far as possible.

Last but not least. Chloe. Here she is a cute baby. Simple stories is the paper. It is double sided so I cut it in half so I could use both designs has I loved both.

So that's it for now.. I shall hopefully be back feeling more encouraged in a few weeks time. but keep smiling and spread the love, live and let live and enjoy the sunshine if you are lucky enough to have some! take care out there!

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Bank Holiday post

Hello again! I hope you are all enjoying the bank holiday! I have been getting the garden sorted out. Hard work and grateful for the help of a friend I can tell you! But, I have had some crafty time. So, here is what I have been doing.
These are cards made in parchment using a fine grid and the Brazilian colouring method. That is three shades of the same colour family. You use the medium shade on the rear of the design and then use the light and dark shades from the front. The design is always traced in black when this colouring method is used. Patterns are by Dorthy Holiness. Close up show the grid work which is different on both cards.

Here is another card designed by Judith Maslen. I love this design.. It is coloured with felt tips from the rear of the card. Normally we would use a brush to spread the colour but not on this design. I have added a close up of the roses.

So, on to my next best crafty love. Scrapbooking. Below is a cut file of cups, thanks to Pol Prince for cutting that for me! I used flower soft for the froth. I love my Tassimo coffee and  it tastes better served in my lovely cappuccino cup and saucer! A close up shows the tag. and you can just see my journalling popping out under that.

Here is a page where I tried  something new. Reverse packaging technique. You use some bubble wrap or cellophane and add paint or mists etc on to it, add a little water and watch the paint etc spread. you can even move the surface you are using about a little to help the spread. then lay it flat and gently press your page or paper/card onto it and when you  are happy you have a good coverage carefully lift the paper/card off the packaging and see what you have. You can't control the result really other then the colours you use. The result will be different each time. This time, the results looked like a huge wave and I had the right photo for it. The other way for the packaging technique is to add the mediums onto the packaging and then put the packaging onto the paper! Again the result is different each time. Be careful what colours you use because some colours don't mix well and you can end up with a muddy mess. close up shows you a little better how the technique turned out.

 Last of all Happy Feet. My new shoes. I love these. Proud to be British feet! LOL  Vegan leather and comforty and its breathable material so no sweaty feet! I used a Heidi Swapp stencil and texture paste  then Gelatos.. I then used a damp brush  to spread the colour. My journalling is on the reverse of the "lovin life" tag.

So folks, we are at the end of April. Where this year is going heaven knows, but it going there faster then I would like! Well done to all who took part in the Birmingham 10k today including my daughters who raised funds for Macmillan.They ran in memory of their Dad.
Spread the love folks, live and let live, everyone is different and unique. Celebrate that, is makes the world a better and more interesting place. Remember to tell the ones you love just that! That you love them you never know what is around the corner!  take care until next time.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

busy crafter

Good evening all, How are you this evening? I hope well and happy. I have decided I will try to miss all the election buff on telly, through the letterbox, on radio, etc etc and craft! so...what have I been up too? first parchment.. Below the ladies..I made two versions of this card. I did that because the more experienced of my classes will make this card and I wanted to show them how different she looks when you change the tones of her hair, skin and eyes and lips. Maybe add a different colour bead in the flower on the hair. She is coloured in blend-able pencils and the design is by Judith Maslen.
Here is the Gypsy! Again a Judith Maslen pattern. I asked Judith if there was going to be a peddler or gypsy to go with the caravan. I did  show you that card on a earlier post. Judith, kind and lovely lady that she is, not to mention talented...designed the card  and people seem to love her pattern. She is dorsed on the back. Which is blend-able pencil and then you smooth out or spread the colour with a little fragrant  oil.

so now scrapbooking. challenges on UKS do keep me scrapping. and I love raising to the challenge of them. Sometimes they take me out of my comfort zone and I have to try different things or a different style.
 So above is a page for the sketch challenge. The lady running this picks a page from the UKS gallery and then turns that into a working sketch. We all have to use the sketch has the base of our page. It doesn't have to be a copy, just take elements  from the sketch and do your own version. Do you scrap? Maybe you can try using my version in the same way and see what you come up with. Its called scrap-lifting. Below is a close up of the top left corner of the page. Sometimes a close up helps you see detail better :) That baby in the photo is now 19 years old! I have so many older photos that need scrapping.
Next, this page is for a weekly challenge. I had to use Easter/spring has a theme a pink/purple/cream/green palette and use five different embellishments. So, I used a selfie taken with my youngest daughter
below are two close ups. I used several colours of narrow ribbon to make the bow and added a tassel and I used a cluster of die-cuts.

Last of all, a page for yet another challenge. I had to use vintage, three items from a long list and ripping and tearing... These are photos taken in the 1980's myself and Daughter Angela. the same daughter in the selfie above... a few years have passed by .LOL I really enjoyed making this one. I just inked and I went through some old junk journal stuff I have in a bag. I found denim, sandpaper, canvas bits. and that old inked feather! I just had fun seeing what worked for a seaside page.
Here's the close ups. Below that feather! I love it

In the one below some MDF chicken wire and canvas bits.

Well folks. That's it for this time. I hope you enjoyed what you have seen. I wish you all a goodnight and sweet dreams. Take care of yourselves and remember folks spread the love and keep the peace.
until next post...

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

mixed batch

I have a mixed batch to upload tonight. So, lets start....with art journal stuff
the above is my, once again, trying to draw. Ha! trying being the word! I was using a new (to me) pen a acrylic paint maker pens. I like them but the tip  is quite broad so would like them better if they were double ended. There's some texture paint on her too and blend- able pencil and watercolour. So quite a few different mediums.

Now these two, oh dear where in my head did this happen! I started off nose drawing and ended up with a wild woman. I just had fun with her and get the pencil speed across the card. later i added colour. I just thought well, may as well go the whole hog!

next is scrappy stuff
so above are two older photos. Chloe is now 21yrs. here she is 2 yrs. wearing her Granddad's hat. It was a page I made for a UKS challenge. I used Kassiercraft rub ons and bo bunny paper and a few bits and bobs like chipboard words and mdf flowers.

so here above is a photo taken on Chloe;s 21st. Mother  and daughters.... I used mainly pink and black.. I have had a small pad of square  card for ages so I thought I would use it here. I added sequins and a cluster of flowers below are close ups so you can see better.

so here we have another UKS challenge page and a close up of detail. these three lovely people run to raise money for Macmillan. I am so proud of them

and one last one  

granddaughter Chantel,lovely has ever!
so one piece of parchment and I am done!
pattern by Judith Malsden .
so people, its been a funny old week and not all nice news I guess. What with people in USA being dragged off planes via force.. and Areas in Russia setting up concentration camps for gay men! SHAME ON THEM! what can I say...everyone is different. we are all human... we all like different things and have different ways and tastes and ideas. Lets embrace all that makes the world a better place.  Do whatever floats your boat-- and let  others float theirs their way...  spread the love and embrace life folks ... and whoever you find love with and where-ever.. just hold on to it... the world needs all the love it can get right now.
till next time!