Thursday, 10 May 2018

first post for May

good evening all.
I hope everyone is well and enjoying some sunshine. I thought I would do a quick post to show what I have been doing.I haven't  really made  that much this time. The first card is a pattern by Judith Maslen called Little Rosebud.
Again a pattern by Judith Maslen which she was kind enough to give us free. Its called Lord Of The Forest. I made this twice, once for a lesson sample and then so I had one to give on a birthday.

Below is a pattern by Christine Coleman. Coloured in Blendable pencils. Again one card, different backing card and different coloured pansies and you  see it looks totally different.

This is a pattern by Florence Holmes and coloured with felt tips

Last of all is a page from my art journal. I hand drew the unicorn, I am not  a artist! Far from it! I had one effort I was not pleased with so I used gesso to paint over it. This is the second attempt. I used pom-poms on ribbon and pearls on a string topped with a bow for the tail. For the mane I used ribbon roses and pearls on string and a bow. I used white paint to colour the unicorn. Then a stencil of stars and acrylic paint for a background. I used gold gel pen and gold paint for the horn.
so folks that is it for the first blog post of May. I have had pain issues with my neck so haven't been able to do has much craft work has normal. I hope you like what I have done. feel free to leave a comment here or Facebook etc.... 
Remember to spread the love folks
until next post. byeeeee 

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

good morning

Good Morning and Hello from a dull overcast North west Cumbria! How are you all this morning? I got up super early this morning. Having already walked the dog and had breakfast,I thought I would update the blog while enjoying the first cuppa of the day. Which is the best cuppa of the day!
               So,  lets start with scrapping. Below.. these delightful pups belong to my eldest daughter/hubby and her eldest daughter/partner. Zeus, Harrold, Bertie, and Alfie. Playing in the snow in the park. I used a "woof you" perspective by Bramble Fox on this page and the backing paper is Bo Bunny. It  is all glittered and shiny. and I love it. I also used some die cut snowflakes and brads.
Next is a page featuring a  photo taken at Easter with some family members walking at Ennerdale Water. I used a shaped page on top of a normal square one. Added some MDF chicken wire  brought from Fernli Designs. and chipboard shapes coloured with pro markers. A couple of die cut pine cones and a few Prima flowers and die cut birds.I used string to add round the frame of the shaped paper. I wanted to keep a  out door feel to the page.

Next parchment pieces.
Above is the full card, designed by Tina Cox. the flowers are built up in layers has the close up shows you. It is mounted on rainbow card.

Below, is a design by Alison Yeates. I found this one a great way to use up bigger scraps of parchment. I coloured plain parchment with a blendable pencil and spread the colour with a little scented oil, we call that dorso-ing. I added a small ribbon and bead bow in the centre. The dots were embossed on a fine grid. There are four individual pieces placed together.

Next is a Judith Maslen pattern, coloured in blendable pencil, the Tulip Fairy.

Last but not least is a pattern by Christine Coleman. It was a Fathers Day card I just changed the greeting. coloured again in blendable pencils.
All patterns are in copies of Parchment Craft Magazine. 

Well, that's my blog posts for April. I managed two this month. Looks like the sun is trying to come out! Which would be nice after we have had another couple of days of rain. We are looking forward to a day without power tomorrow while the powers that be work  on the sub station. So I'm off to find the batteries for the DAB radio!   I'll leave you with this thought. I read it on line and thought it was so right!
Be kind to those who are nasty. they are the ones that need it most!
I'll add to that, don't forget to be kind to yourself!
Take care and spread the love
until next time

Friday, 13 April 2018

unlucky for some..maybe

Good Morning! Well, Friday the 13th! Some people will want to stay out of harms way I guess depends how superstitious you are! I am a tiny bit I suppose. I won't walk under a ladder, and I started today thinking if it can go wrong today it will! Has the computer is running slow, lets hope that is the extent of any gremlins! Its another wet day. no surprise there then. I see the lappy has decided to change font all on its own..clever old thing LOL :) All  sorts of things reloading onto here after another long Windows update, they so annoy me, yet it seems you can't stop auto updates on a personal PC for windows 10. If you can, and anyone knows how please let me know! I've been up in the early hours to watch the Commonwealth Games diving sync  10m..YAY go Tom Daley and Dan Goodfellow GOLD! I'll need a power nap later for sure!
 So, I'll start with parchment this time.
This is a pattern by Carol Hadlow from Parchment craft Mag in 2013. I love this one, adding the 3D flowers. It took some time but worth it. I have added to close up too. I just picked out a magazine from my huge pile and I'm working my way through it, making the patterns I like the most! I used liquid pearls for details

Pattern is from the same mag but this time by Heather Thomas. I loved the verse on this, I traced it with gold gel pen. Coloured flowers with polys.

Next is same mag, I did say I was working my way through it! LOL This time by Pat Murphy. I didn't add all the smaller detail into the out line frame I didn't feel it needed it. I liked it simple and neat. I added a pre brought ribbon and bead bow. It has been painted in felt tips or has we call them PCE's (Perga colours exclusive) any water based felt tips will do the job.

So, now scrapbooking, below are the last pages being scrapped from the Christmas holiday. Go Kart day! I cut squares from shiny black card and used white has the base card. I used a dye-cutter to cut the little cars and pro markers to add colour

Next, family meals by the sea! Good company, good food, good wine, sunshine. Lovely days happy memories.

last but not least!  Family at a cocktail bar. I won't tell you what the bill was at the end of the sitting but   lets just say and cocktails were varied, yummy and flowing. LOL I used various bits and bobs from 12x12 sticker sheets to make up the bunting. The paper is chalkboard collection.

So, that's it from me for now. My little dag has gone to the groomer, I'm about to turn off the CD and Phil Collins and go turn on BBC in the hope they repeat the diving from the early hours! So, remember folks be kind, be nice and spread the love.... until next time enjoy your day!

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

April post

Good evening all, I hope you all had a great Easter, lots of chocolate, sunshine, what's sunshine? There is very little sign of the yellow ball in the sky where I live! Sadly! I am still getting wet and cold walking the dog and its getting a bit annoying now!I had an amazing time over the bank hols with some family, beach walking,around the lakes ,topped off with an enjoyable meal out.Family time has to be one of the best things! I have some crafty bits to show you, mainly parchment craft but a little scrapping.  I have added a few close ups to make it easier for you to see what I have done. There are a few baby cards, but the class wanted to make those type of designs.
First, the butterfly card.Sadly I don't know who the designer is. I have had this pattern in a folder for ages. The butterfly is made 3D and painted with PITT artist pens direct onto the parchment.

Below are the start of baby cards. The yellow one is a design by Anne Quinn  and coloured once again   direct on to the parchment with Pitt pens, the blue one is a Judith Maslen design.

This below, is a design  from Parchment Craft Mag. the original was all white work but I wanted to add a little colour.

Below, teddy is a June Owen pattern. It will be a sample for a up coming lesson. Quite cute don't you think?

so now, scrapbooking. I am working my way through the last of the photos from my Christmas/New Year hols in Lanzarote. This was an amazing view from the 19th floor of a hotel. I slotted together four different photos to recapture the coast line. The two pages will go  side by side into the album.

Below, myself with my two daughters. Cocktails a plenty made for some fun photos! That hat was far to big for me! But I smile a lot, when I see these photos.

So that's it from me for this post. Remember folks we live in a world where you can be whatever you want to be... but be kind on the way up because you never know who you will meet on the way 
down!  take care out there and remember spread the love folks..spread the love!

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

frosty start today

Good Morning everyone, frosty start to the day in Cumbria! But the sun is shining, it may not be the warmest yellow ball of fire, but at least its trying to shine!
I have some craft to show you  a mix of scrapping and parchment. I haven't done heaps because of pain issues in my back and neck. Lack of sleep hasn't helped either, but upwards and on wards has they say, or have I got that the wrong way about! Bad luck to change it now! So, here I go....parchment first, The first one is a little Easter basket. Pattern by Christine Coleman. I filled the basket with chocolate eggs and a tiny bunny and chick on some shredded green paper. I made a few of these as small tokens for friends.
Below is a design by Dorothy Holiness from her Embossing book. I gave this to a class for homework. Be interesting to see how they get on with it. I do keep repeating myself, slowly and emboss in layers leaving the layers to rest each time, you can't rush it. with embossing, you can add but once you do the work then it can't be rubbed out like crayon!

below a close up. It can get confusing has some of the work will need embossing from the front,embossing is mainly done from the back you see. Always use a piece of cling film or cellophane under your tool when embossing from the front or it could mark your work.  

this is from a Pergamano M104 book. Using a red parchment under the  regular type.

so onward to scrapbooking, pages from my trip to Lanzarote. I had these cardboard frames for a while and I had lots of photos of views so I combined them to make the page. colouring the frames pastel colours. and a die for the hammock and trees. I just cut the die a few times and used the trees on their own and 3D'ed the hammock.

a close up of the die. Pro markers are used for the colouring.

Next Mothers day. This is my eldest daughter Karen with me. I was spoilt rotten by all my grown kiddies! LOL but Karen and her hubby were up north with me on the day.

Below Maraca Del Rio. We went on a drive high up one day to see this view. You paid to get in, but worth it and it wasn't expensive. The view was wonderful. "I can see for Miles and miles." that old Who song kept coming into my head.! Showing my age now! With the views are photos of myself with my two lovely daughters and two granddaughters.

Last a parchment card. I made this twice, once for the lesson and once to give to a friend. It shows how what you mount your work on makes a difference. The one on the left is mounted of pastel rainbow paper backed with white card. The one on the right is mounted on bright rainbow card. Its a Ann Jennings pattern.

Well folks. I hope you have a fabulous day. Remember be nice out there Everyone has their own problems, some are worse then others. So, show a little understanding. not everyone is having a great day! A little love and a smile can go a long way.... spread happiness and kindness and leave the hate and intolerance behind... the world doesn't need it....all we need is LOVE right???? Me? I'm off to chase dust bunnies and wait for the Tesco man to deliver the shopping! What an exciting life I lead eh???   
             take care out there and SMILE.. 

and  u

Friday, 2 March 2018

Guess what? its been snowing! LOL

So, folks, I hope you got through the snow and ice and wind chill. Windchill! WOW wasn't that something? I had to go out to walk the dog but boy oh boy was I glad to get back home. Not that it seems to have bothered Leo! Cumbria had its share of snow woe...but my area is largely free from white stuff now and it does feel a tad warmer but only a tad! still need the gloves and hat and scarf and boots!
So, this is the first post of March.I have been wondering if its worth blogging but hey ho... if nothing else I keep a record of what I made and I know from Facebook there are a few kind souls looking. So lets start with scrapbooking. I love scrapbooking, memory keeping,I hope in future my family will look back on the pages and be saying things like "Remember this" or "OMG I can't believe that we did that" etc.
First page is full of photos taken over Christmas in Lanzarote. My two daughters enjoying being sisters and dare I point out having more then one or two cocktails! They both shared a chair and laughing so hard fell off it! Backing paper is by Amy Tangerine  and emojis were part of another paper collection.
Next My Tribe! How I love them all. Two photos again taken on our holiday and one same day has the above page photos were taken and the other in the villa, during a evening we were playing card games.

close up below of some of the detail

Holiday again Granddaughter Chloe and myself

Next is Chloe and  Angela together being silly. :)

Of course I had to do a page on the snow! Those photos were taken from my bedroom window. 

Die cut snow man

Another page of winter weather. I was walking the dog on "the Line" which is part of the coast to coast walk, that goes from Whitehaven to the East coast.  The old railway line is now a lovely place to walk and cycle etc. These photos were taken at the part where the old station used to be.
Next two photos are once again from the holiday.. I loved watching the sunrises. and these are photos showing how beautiful they were.

I used mixed media on this page including cheesecloth dyed with  inky spray mists and some lace and ribbon.

A Disney page. Me and Daisy! I fussy cut those banners from a 12x12 paper

Parchment. These will be for a lesson. I cancelled the last one because I didn't want the ladies driving in the snow! Pattern by Anne Jennings
This pattern  below is by Judith Maslen.

Last of all another Disney page. My fave Disney person DONALD DUCK! YAY!  I used a stencil and paint for the background,  

So, that;s it for this time. seems to be a lot of craft stuff but there are a few pages I didn't show last time! I hope you all keep warm and safe in this awful weather. Remember to check any elderly neighbours are OK.Spread the love and be kind to people, you reap what you sow, so sow love, kindness and acceptance and understanding not hate and anger...that way we can all do our bit to make the world a better place.till next time byeeeeeeee