Sunday, 17 September 2017

last post for September

Hello everyone, this is the last blog post for this month. I'm going to be busy spending some time with some very important people, well they are to me! my Family! Soon its my birthday and I'm going to celebrate turning 65yrs...gosh how did I get that old! LOL
so, I'll start with the one scrapping page. Its of my eldest daughter and myself taken in June  after a group of us had enjoyed a afternoon tea. I have added a close up of the flower it is chip board and I painted it with gesso and acrylic paint. There are more scrappy pages in progress. Just not finished...yet!

So, parchment. still working on Christmas Cards. Below is a Tina Cox design. I seem to have a small addiction to sticky ink! I have used it quite a lot on cards this year.
Anne Quinn is a lovely designer and she is so kind and shares a lot of her designs free! You get a basic pattern and you do your own version! Simple. below are some of Anne's designs

Baking! I discovered Russian piping nozzles! I still need to get the hang of getting two tone colours but I had great fun trying. not to mention a bit messy I have never picked up a piping bag before in my life! My eldest daughter bakes and I'm hoping for a pipping lesson!

Another of Anne Quinn's designs its a lovely tree design which can be parched many ways

. Snowflakes Peace On Earth is also a Anne Quinn design. Thats a nice thought isn't it? Peace On Earth...hopefully one day everyone will wake up and realize that bombs and guns are not the answer! talking and discussing it..may take longer but its better!

 Love these penguins! same design (Anne Quinn again) done two different  colour ways goes to show how changing colours can make a card look totally different.
Well, that's it from me. It is certainly getting chillier, so time to pop on the electric blanket , make a hot chocolate and snuggle down with catch up telly. 
So just remember we are all different, it is a joy discovering new people and what makes them special. Think how boring life would be if we were all the same, had the same ideas  liked the same things. Were good at the same stuff???? So differences make life interesting! Embrace it, enjoy it, celebrate it! But allow everyone to be their own brand of special and accept people for who they are...
spread the love, see you in October!

Friday, 8 September 2017


Good evening, I seem to have found some scrappy mojo! It has been missing for a week or two. So I thought I would update my blog and show you the results! Afternoon tea and one of my granddaughters are the subjects this time. I have so much to need scrap and I need to catch up!
Below, well the Cresswell ladies know how to strike a pose for sure. These pictures  were taken after our afternoon cream tea.
I stamped on the saying the words   seemed so right.

Below is a double lay out. It as taken at the afternoon tea. Being asked to smile while you have a mouthful of cake is not easy!

 I thought I would show each page  on its their own. I used Kaisercraft tea time collection. A Very chintzy and olde worlde charm feel to it.

Below, is granddaughter Chloe. She was going to a 50's evening at Uni. so is all made up to impress. As always she is beautiful!

little bit of parchment next.. Judith Maslen is the designer of the first card. Great for a man's birthday. Men's cards are never easy. There just isn't the same variety of designs available. This is one based on Pembroke Castle.

Next and last is a design by Kay James which was published in Parchment craft magazine in 2014 I had to dorse the parchment for this one.

So I hope you have enjoyed looking. I have enjoyed getting back my scrapping mojo and also having a break from Christmas craft.Please remember people to spread the love. We are all different in one way or another and the world is a better place if we can all get along together accepting each other for what we are. Tonight I am thinking of friends in USA facing Hurricane Irma. Hoping they will be safe and come through the storm. Sending them love and prayers  So take care and be grateful for simple blessings.
until next time byeeeeeeee

Sunday, 3 September 2017

parchment post

Good evening everyone. I hope everyone is well and happy. Rather wet here in Cumbria and windy too. I hope the weather is better where you are. So, Christmas Parchment craft is under way. Parchment takes time, it certainly isn't a quick craft. So, I have started Christmas cards early. Here are the ones I have made so far. Below is a Judith Maslen pattern of a Victorian girl. Coloured in blendable pencil.
Below are two colour versions of the same pattern. A insert of blue parchment is added and a gold gel pen used for the writing I have added a close up.

This pattern can be found along with the three wise men and others in Parchment Craft Magazine.A monthly magazine which is reasonable in price and offers lots of patterns for various skill levels.
I use liquid pearls and gems in the top of the design which is traced in pearlized  ink.I used sticky ink to add the glitter outline on the angel. I changed it a little from the pattern printed in the mag, but it's fine to let your imagination loose.    Again I have added a close up.

Below is a Mary Kerr pattern Simple but smart I feel. I have added flat backed pearls onto the tree. Well, it will be for Christmas so we do need bling and glitter don't you think! LOL
below is a close up of the tree. Green parchment is used on this card.Has well has the plain type.

Below is a Tina Cox pattern. Quite a modern design and fun to make. Glitter added to the berries of course ! 

So, I hope you have enjoyed having a look at what I have made so far. Any questions about parchment craft please ask I'll do my best to answer. I am a PCA tutor. 
Well, take care out there and be happy and remember folks spread the love and make the world a better place! Until next post...byeeeeeeee

Thursday, 24 August 2017


Good evening everyone. Please be aware that on this short video that there will be some flashing tea lights I know some people have a problem with that type of thing. Its been a bit of a problem uploading has I have had to trim the time for the video and I have never had to do that before I hope it all comes good in the end! Fingers crossed. The video is of parchment angels. I have made them out of coloured parchment and popped a tea light under each one that flashes and changes colour. I have used sticky ink to add the glitter and liquid pearls for other decoration. I have also added some still photos of some of the angels..

below are two scrapbook pages. the first is a photo of my son and his wife. I have used vellum's behind the photo, the page was made for a challenge over on UKS

Below is a very old photo of  one of my granddaughters, being the cutest Christmas fairy ever. I used a stencil and Dazzlers texture paste to add starts onto the patterned backing paper.

Well folks this is a shorter posting. I am hoping the video will upload but it is taking quite a while!   yay, it seems to have worked! windows update the other evening took ages and now the laptop does different stuff but more confusing stuff!  Well it is to folks like me who are not technically minded! 
so spread the love and be happy people. The world is a better place when we can learn to live together and live and let live enjoy the bank holiday Until next time..byeeee

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Christmas,scrapbooking and my dog

Hello and good evening. I hope everyone is well and enjoying the weekend. I have stated Christmas crafting! It will be here before we know it, and parchment cards take time to do. I have been making a few samples ready for classes. so here is what I have been doing.
Below are two patterns by Judith Maslen .I love Judith's designs. The lady is painted with water based felt tips The robin in coloured with blendable pencil. Both of these cards will be patterns worked in a class.

This is granddaughter and her partner. I used a cut file on top of patterned paper. Thanks to Pol Prince for cutting the heart cut file. I used small phase stickers by Tim Holtz on top to give some journalling.

Below is younger daughter Angela. Photos were taken on a trip to USA Disney this year. I used a Disney paper and I cut the Goofy figure and words from a cricut cartridge.
Now below is my Leo. Flat out asleep snoring. I do wish I had videoed him. He really sounded like a little piggy. Nothing like letting the air flow to all areas on a warm night it seems LOL

So now, last but not least, another small video of a card I made. Just like the snowman card I uploaded before but this time I used a pair of angels. I love these cards, I added rubber stamping to make the background and I used a stencil and Dazzlers texture paste to add the stars to  decorate the front of the card. I used invisible thread in attach the angels. Just click on the video and it should play video
So that's it for this time. I hope you have enjoyed looking. Leave a comment if you wish, its always nice to know someone has paid a visit. Remember folks spread the love and be nice. We are all different in some way so embrace the differences and  live and let live. All the world needs now is a lot more love and tolerance and acceptance of each other. And every little bit of love and kindness shown helps.
take care till I blog again. 

Saturday, 5 August 2017

let hope this works

Hi. I hope this has worked. Its a card I made that has a spinning snowman! Its a first for me to upload a video on to my blog. Seems to be a day of firsts, with me uploading a IG story to to Instagram! It sure is taking its time to upload! its only a short video so I hope it will come up. below is a photo of the card and a tag made using the same pattern. whooo its here!

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Hello August

Hello everyone. I hope everyone is well. I hope you have sunshine too! In my part of the world its been a wet and windy start to the new month!  But never mind, there has to be better weather arriving sometime at least I hope so! I am getting very fed up getting soaked while walking the dog!
So, time again to update my crafty blog. Parchment first. The rose is a design by Christine Coleman  and we used this one for a lesson.
Next is a design JD Crafts. simple to do but the trick is cutting out without breaking any of the design, a little tricky when it is just thin lines between the cutting areas.
 This will be for a lesson along with the vase and rose card below.
The vase and rose. Judith  Maslen design. The students will be able to choose which design to make in class and which to do  as homework practice 

a close up of the rose. In the background you can see something of my crafty mess. I use the dining room table. It is always covered in crafty stuff. Its more my craft space/room then the dining room.

MY MESS! is below! there is a table under there somewhere...honest! And this is quite tidy for me!
Scrap-booking. I love keeping the memories for the family. I just know in  the future they will look back at the albums and I hope enjoy them and the memories they hold. This is myself and granddaughter Chloe taken at Chester zoo. I am so blessed to have the family I have! they   may not totally understand my crafty obsessions but they keep sending me the photos to scrap and put up with it all.

Chloe again has a baby. I did this page for a sketch challenge over on UKS

Last of all Chloe is 21! Yippeee Happy Birthday well, she was in March! LOL I only just got around to doing something with the photos. Isn't she pretty?Inside and out a real gem and a brain box too. Poole queen at her Uni. Hence the Poole table cake  made by her talented baker Mom. I think I need to get scrapping other family members now don't you? :)
So, this is it for my first August post. Not been too busy so far. But I have finished the Christmas gift makes. I'll show those at the year end. Don't want to spoil the surprise for those receiving  the items I made.
Well, keep smiling people, be nice, I know its hard sometimes but it is worth the effort.. we all have bad days and you never know you smiling at someone just might cheer them up a little and brighten their day! take care and keep safe out there..until next post byeeeeeee