Saturday, 12 August 2017

Christmas,scrapbooking and my dog

Hello and good evening. I hope everyone is well and enjoying the weekend. I have stated Christmas crafting! It will be here before we know it, and parchment cards take time to do. I have been making a few samples ready for classes. so here is what I have been doing.
Below are two patterns by Judith Maslen .I love Judith's designs. The lady is painted with water based felt tips The robin in coloured with blendable pencil. Both of these cards will be patterns worked in a class.

This is granddaughter and her partner. I used a cut file on top of patterned paper. Thanks to Pol Prince for cutting the heart cut file. I used small phase stickers by Tim Holtz on top to give some journalling.

Below is younger daughter Angela. Photos were taken on a trip to USA Disney this year. I used a Disney paper and I cut the Goofy figure and words from a cricut cartridge.
Now below is my Leo. Flat out asleep snoring. I do wish I had videoed him. He really sounded like a little piggy. Nothing like letting the air flow to all areas on a warm night it seems LOL

So now, last but not least, another small video of a card I made. Just like the snowman card I uploaded before but this time I used a pair of angels. I love these cards, I added rubber stamping to make the background and I used a stencil and Dazzlers texture paste to add the stars to  decorate the front of the card. I used invisible thread in attach the angels. Just click on the video and it should play video
So that's it for this time. I hope you have enjoyed looking. Leave a comment if you wish, its always nice to know someone has paid a visit. Remember folks spread the love and be nice. We are all different in some way so embrace the differences and  live and let live. All the world needs now is a lot more love and tolerance and acceptance of each other. And every little bit of love and kindness shown helps.
take care till I blog again. 

Saturday, 5 August 2017

let hope this works

Hi. I hope this has worked. Its a card I made that has a spinning snowman! Its a first for me to upload a video on to my blog. Seems to be a day of firsts, with me uploading a IG story to to Instagram! It sure is taking its time to upload! its only a short video so I hope it will come up. below is a photo of the card and a tag made using the same pattern. whooo its here!

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Hello August

Hello everyone. I hope everyone is well. I hope you have sunshine too! In my part of the world its been a wet and windy start to the new month!  But never mind, there has to be better weather arriving sometime at least I hope so! I am getting very fed up getting soaked while walking the dog!
So, time again to update my crafty blog. Parchment first. The rose is a design by Christine Coleman  and we used this one for a lesson.
Next is a design JD Crafts. simple to do but the trick is cutting out without breaking any of the design, a little tricky when it is just thin lines between the cutting areas.
 This will be for a lesson along with the vase and rose card below.
The vase and rose. Judith  Maslen design. The students will be able to choose which design to make in class and which to do  as homework practice 

a close up of the rose. In the background you can see something of my crafty mess. I use the dining room table. It is always covered in crafty stuff. Its more my craft space/room then the dining room.

MY MESS! is below! there is a table under there somewhere...honest! And this is quite tidy for me!
Scrap-booking. I love keeping the memories for the family. I just know in  the future they will look back at the albums and I hope enjoy them and the memories they hold. This is myself and granddaughter Chloe taken at Chester zoo. I am so blessed to have the family I have! they   may not totally understand my crafty obsessions but they keep sending me the photos to scrap and put up with it all.

Chloe again has a baby. I did this page for a sketch challenge over on UKS

Last of all Chloe is 21! Yippeee Happy Birthday well, she was in March! LOL I only just got around to doing something with the photos. Isn't she pretty?Inside and out a real gem and a brain box too. Poole queen at her Uni. Hence the Poole table cake  made by her talented baker Mom. I think I need to get scrapping other family members now don't you? :)
So, this is it for my first August post. Not been too busy so far. But I have finished the Christmas gift makes. I'll show those at the year end. Don't want to spoil the surprise for those receiving  the items I made.
Well, keep smiling people, be nice, I know its hard sometimes but it is worth the effort.. we all have bad days and you never know you smiling at someone just might cheer them up a little and brighten their day! take care and keep safe out there..until next post byeeeeeee

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

more crafty stuff

Hello everyone! I trust everyone is feeling well and enjoying the hot weather. Today I have felt like I have been melting! I am home from a week away with my amazing family. Catching up on reading and eating out and being pampered and spoilt. Love them to bit I do!
So now I'm home I have had to catch up on challenges over at UKS and do a little parchment ready for a lesson. So, here's what I have been doing.
This is my good self. While away I was taken to a cream tea with Karen and her daughters and Linda Karen's mom in law. I love this dress! It really was love at first sight!
This was tonights lesson card. Design of Christine Coleman. Trying to get the ladies to understand how to read a grid pattern.

  below is A page made for a whisper. Its younger daughter Angela and hubby Marc and my Leo.

Again below is a UKS monthly house challenge. We were working our way through the alphabet. I got letter H for what makes me HAPPY> FAMILY of-course makes me happy.The photo again taken at the cream tea afternoon.

Below is a photo taken at Chester Zoo.

And last the owl. Has I was away last week I  gave the ladies a outline drawing design by Anne Quinn. I asked them to let themselves enjoy it and do their own thing with the owl!  Not everyone has finished the owl yet. I am looking forward to seeing them all together., once they do! The one below is my version.

Well, thats it for this post I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I have done. Remember folks to spread the love and share a smile or friendly hello!  Everyone is different and the differences make th world more interesting! Until next time take care out there!

Monday, 3 July 2017

Happy July

Hello everyone, here is my first blog post for July. I hope July will bring us some sunshine but so far its mainly rain! :( First some parchment craft. the cards below are for a class. One design two ways of using it. The coloured version is painted using felt tips and the design is by Anne Quinn.
The next one below is a Florence Holmes design. Sadly, this talented lady seems to have stopped designing. Again this was made as a sample for a class and its coloured in pencils.

So scrapbooking, A great way to keep the memories. Below is Chantel, I am still working my way through lots of older pictures The paper is cosmo cricket. the overlay of frames was really scrap. I have used all the frames out of it and was left with the edges so I thought why not use it! ??? Waste not want not  so they say! I used paint on the corners. I just brushed the rims of various tins and lids with the paint to get the circles.

Here are Chantel and Chloe in Wales and holding owls. Owls are something special for us. Kevin my late hubby loved them I rubber stamped the big owl embellishment and added gems for the eyes on all the owls. Washi tape was perfect for holding papers etc in place. I used a roller stamp for the border.Using three different colours of ink pad. Both these pages were made for UKS challenges. I have added a couple of close ups at the bottom of this post so you can see the details.

Here is Leo in his fave puddle on a hot day, you can see the heat haze  around him. Again it was made for a UKS challenge. We were in groups of four doing a scrap whisper challenge.

Well folks that's it for this time. I hope you are all well. Remember to spread the love and smile and the world will smile with you! until next time take care!

Thursday, 22 June 2017


Hello everyone,
Well, I'm melting away in this heat! I hope you are all enjoying it and getting a nice tan. For those of you like me, who would like it a tad fresher, hang in there and keep those fans blowing!
So, I have managed to do some crafting. Not a lot of parchment has the heat affects the parchment and sweaty fingers marks it.
Scrap-booking has been in progress! This is granddaughter Chantel and her partner . I added a close up of the heart has you can't see the detail otherwise. I used a MDF heart. coated it with gesso and then used a stencil and Dazzlers texture paste to add a design to it.

This is a page I enjoyed making but it is always bitter sweet to scrap my late hubby. I used silver gliding flakes behind the hearts and used a sour apple colour of Dazzlers for the stem. I added a few sequins too. The hearts were pre-cut. I used the same materials in the bottom corner and added a Bramblefox perspective  "LoveYou!" Its simple but I love the way it turned out. I had received a greeting cad with a similar design on, that is where I got the idea. Goes to show inspiration is all around you, via day to day things. 

The next ones are of Sam and Chloe ( Chantels little sister) It was made for a challenge over at UKS. I had to use a big embellishment, the globe, thanks to Pol Prince once again! I had to use a summer picture. and paint and no pre printed stickers/ pre made embellishments. Well I did the challenge and just couldn't resist it. I HAD to add those tiny words stickers afterwards. It just completes the page for me. I painted the hearts with water colour paint and added a few pale splashes in the base card.

This, below is Angela and her cat Kit. Snapchat cats!

last of all is Chantel and Chloe with their mom Karen at the  three countries show.I used a large MDF tag. Gesso added and then gliding waxes and mists and stickers added . I added a flair button top right too.
One parchment piece which I wouldn't show before, in case a friend looked at my blog. It was for her birthday. I hope she liked the card I made.
Well, that's it for me for June. June started out a wet, grey month and has burst into bloom and sunshine. So folks spread the love and remember and I quote  
 “Love is an open door.” – Anna and Hans, Frozen  
everyone needs to love somebody, and you can't control who you fall in love embrace the differences in which we love and live and let live.
until next time byeeeee

Thursday, 15 June 2017


Hello everyone, Well,  it's been another sad week.  My thoughts are with those people suffering because of the fire in London. When will it all end! So much sadness.
I have been crafting  as I always do! Well, what else would I do to fill the days... and I do enjoy it!
So, parchment first. First one is a Christine Coleman pattern. My less experienced class made this one earlier on. They are learning fast and I hope they enjoyed making this one.

This is a early Judith Maslen design. It will be one of two cards a class can make next week, they can have a choice. Second choice is still in the making. 

Now scrapbooking! This is daughter Angela back in the 90's supporting England. and she and her hubby Marc still do. Worldwide flying the flag! thanks once again to Pol Prince for cutting the title.
The page below was made for a UKS challenge. I needed to use a list of ten things. I used boardwalk papers and a ponty stencil to create the background. the bunting is from Bark collection. by simple stories. 

Next is also a UKS challenge. Chantel taking tiny steps in the garden many years ago now. But she was such a cutie baby.!

Another page (below) for another UKS challenge. I had to distress the card and papers. use a song title, and bling it up!  These are sisters Chantel and Chloe.

this close up shows the perspextive from Bramblefox. I love these things. They are so light and easy to stick onto the page. I also used on on the page I made with the list of ten things. Enjoy is the word I used then. they come is lots of colours and they are adding to their range all the time.

well that's it for this time folks. Please feel free to leave a message. to say you stopped by.
Remember folks spread the love, embrace peoples differences. be kind and nice and if you can't say something positive/nice don't say anything at all! The world needs all the love and positively  it can get right now! take care..see ya all next time!