Friday, 2 March 2018

Guess what? its been snowing! LOL

So, folks, I hope you got through the snow and ice and wind chill. Windchill! WOW wasn't that something? I had to go out to walk the dog but boy oh boy was I glad to get back home. Not that it seems to have bothered Leo! Cumbria had its share of snow woe...but my area is largely free from white stuff now and it does feel a tad warmer but only a tad! still need the gloves and hat and scarf and boots!
So, this is the first post of March.I have been wondering if its worth blogging but hey ho... if nothing else I keep a record of what I made and I know from Facebook there are a few kind souls looking. So lets start with scrapbooking. I love scrapbooking, memory keeping,I hope in future my family will look back on the pages and be saying things like "Remember this" or "OMG I can't believe that we did that" etc.
First page is full of photos taken over Christmas in Lanzarote. My two daughters enjoying being sisters and dare I point out having more then one or two cocktails! They both shared a chair and laughing so hard fell off it! Backing paper is by Amy Tangerine  and emojis were part of another paper collection.
Next My Tribe! How I love them all. Two photos again taken on our holiday and one same day has the above page photos were taken and the other in the villa, during a evening we were playing card games.

close up below of some of the detail

Holiday again Granddaughter Chloe and myself

Next is Chloe and  Angela together being silly. :)

Of course I had to do a page on the snow! Those photos were taken from my bedroom window. 

Die cut snow man

Another page of winter weather. I was walking the dog on "the Line" which is part of the coast to coast walk, that goes from Whitehaven to the East coast.  The old railway line is now a lovely place to walk and cycle etc. These photos were taken at the part where the old station used to be.
Next two photos are once again from the holiday.. I loved watching the sunrises. and these are photos showing how beautiful they were.

I used mixed media on this page including cheesecloth dyed with  inky spray mists and some lace and ribbon.

A Disney page. Me and Daisy! I fussy cut those banners from a 12x12 paper

Parchment. These will be for a lesson. I cancelled the last one because I didn't want the ladies driving in the snow! Pattern by Anne Jennings
This pattern  below is by Judith Maslen.

Last of all another Disney page. My fave Disney person DONALD DUCK! YAY!  I used a stencil and paint for the background,  

So, that;s it for this time. seems to be a lot of craft stuff but there are a few pages I didn't show last time! I hope you all keep warm and safe in this awful weather. Remember to check any elderly neighbours are OK.Spread the love and be kind to people, you reap what you sow, so sow love, kindness and acceptance and understanding not hate and anger...that way we can all do our bit to make the world a better place.till next time byeeeeeeee

Monday, 19 February 2018

Last post for this month

Good evening all, so far this evening hasn't been going well thanks to Windows and their never ending updates. I have been sitting here near on one hour waiting to use the laptop while they hijack MY device to update...and then make the laptop run ever so slow. Annoying!
I have some craft to show but its mostly if not all art journal pages. I do not pretend to be a artist, more like, I enjoy messing about with paints and pencils and glue and getting a bit messy and seeing what becomes of it! But first of all two new photos of my little dog Leo. I took these this afternoon.

now, the craft stuff.
This developed from my finding a large bat made of MDF. I decided it would make a great mask. I drew the face around that using it for a starting point. I used acrylic paint markers for the hair and Jane Davenport mermaid markers, for the skin and normal acrylic paint for the lips

                                                      above is a close up of the face. All images are my own so any thing similar  is by chance. I Know she looks like a sort of super hero but I didn't have that in my mind when I painted her. remember the little faces? well this   page below, I made to go next to it. I used the cling wrap method to get the background with pearl paints. then inks to add a small design on top. MDF wings and bits of bobs all brought from FERNLI. Metal wings  were in a treasure tin I brought from Craft Box..

                                                two close ups so you can see the detail better
My wooden boy. FERNLI  are makers of MDF laser die cuts. When I brought something from them ages ago they sent a little bag full of tiny, tiny off cuts. Thinking people maybe could use them for mixed media. Well, this is what I made with some of them. I just sat on the floor with the bag of bits and glue and had fun!
has you can see, they really were tiny bits and all shapes and sizes.

Meet All-sorts! Coloured in pencil.Like I say I don't pretend to be a artist! LOL and I have never seriously attempted to draw a dog before!
Well, I think I have added enough for this time. I will have scrapbooking for you next time and hopefully some parchment.
So take care and be nice out there! I really have been  disgusted this past week over the awful press reaction to two guys announcing they are going to be Dads.Everyone deserves respect. You may not agree with them but there's no need or place for the vile abuse that was out there. So understanding each other and agreeing to let people be who they want to be, as long has they are not hurting no one, seems to be a easy thing to do but sadly in some cases and areas of the press that basic seems to be sadly lacking. so please spread the love and treat folks has you want them to treat you.
until next time....

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

mid February post

Good evening, Here we are on the eve of Valentines day. Time is slipping by fast don't you think?  Its cold and snowy outside, best to stay warm and craft. Unless I need to walk the dog! and when a dog needs to go..he needs to go! Right!?

At last I can show you the pages  held back because of the whisper swap on Facebook. If you don't know what a whisper swap is I'll explain. Each week I received a message with a picture of someone else's page attached . Then I had to do my version of their page and the following week pass it on to the next in line. very much like a round robin. At the end the host revealed them all in order so we could see how each person's page had changed. There were four in each group this time.Leo was the page I set off on week one.
below is week two.

Below week 3

and below week 4 with a close up below that. So that is the scrapbook pages for this time. 2,3,4, are all from my holiday at Christmas. I used maps and mixed media, plus on page 3 used some volcanic stones we were given from the tour of the site of the main eruption on Lanzarote.

On-wards to my art journal! I can hear someone saying "That's art!"? LOL I started by drawing the face with the blonde hair and red hairband. I didn't like how she was coming along, then I decided to fill the page with different faces. I used blendable pencils for this. Three different makes. Jane Davenport Magic wands, which I love. The leads are creamy and the colours wonderful. Then I used Prisma  crayons.I love the colours but the leads are a little too soft and break so easy no matter which sharpener I use. Because of this I wouldn't buy this brand again. Last of all I used W.H.Smiths brands. These are a good starter crayon that are blendable and nice colours. I would and do recommend them to beginners on parchment. On parchment I love polys, but they are expensive and over £100 for a full set.

Below the above are close ups. I think I shall call this page. Diversity not division. we are all different in any number of ways and how we deal with those differences is what matters.  

Last of all parchment. Julie Roces pattern. from Parchment craft magazine. Front and side view. I enjoyed making this one. Something a little different from cards.
it will hand from a branch on my fairy light tree.

Well, that's all folks! I hope you enjoyed seeing the craft I have been busy with. What is next? Who knows? I have nothing on the table that is work in progress. Tomorrow I'm sure that will change!
Until next post, keep safe and keep warm. and be kind to yourself and others. I saw a quote on social media today. Remember   just because its bad day doesn't mean it's a bad life!
keep smiling.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Happy February

Hello, It doesn't seem that long ago I was on here up dating my blog, yet here I am again with the first post of February!  Time flies when you are having fun right! Its freezing cold up north in north west Cumbria. first scrapbooking, these are photos taken by Chloe my granddaughter. One as taken of us waking away and she called us to look back. I raided my junk journal bag for this page. I used tissue paper, sand paper, cardboard box, a old map which had been stamped on, and a old film strip and tags. close ups show the mixed media I used.

Two more Disney pages, one of Minnie and below that one that shows my fave statues from Disney Paris. Thanks to Pol Prince for cutting the file for me. I did some fussy cutting for the Minnie page.

I just love the Donald and Daisy one!

Mixed Media! I dabble. I'm no expert. but my friend Chrissie is always telling me, the main thing is you enjoy it! She is right of-course! I used a couple of punches for this lady. one a tiny butterfly to make her hair and the other a tiny flower to make her dress. I added a ribbon bow in the hair and gems for a necklace and bracelet. I love Jane Davenport products. They are designed for mixed media by a lady who understands the art form.I used one of her stamps for the face outline. Which were sent to me kindly by a friend in the USA. The lady is painted with Mermaid pens. which are watercolour brush pens. I used a stencil for the background over the mermaid pens.

This was sketched when I couldn't sleep. It was some silly time like, 1 am. I painted it at a more sensible time later in the morning! LOL I used  Pitt brush art pens for the colour. I have no idea where  the idea of ladies sitting in chairs came from, it just happened!  

Well, that's it for this post. I hope you found it interesting to see what I have been doing with my time. remember to spread the love, let people be who they want to be without judging them. A hug costs nothing so give them freely and often! Until next time, keep warm and keep safe!

Monday, 29 January 2018

so fast!

Good evening all.
        Well , January certainly seems to have flew by fast! it'll soon be the month of love and hearts and flowers LOL.
               I have been busy, I can't show you everything I scrapped this time. I am in another whisper swap and we are not allowed to show the pages until the end when the host will reveal all! All hush-hush until then!
                The month is coming to a close so quickly now and the weather feels a tad milder. I had a wonderful walk today with my little dog Leo, sunshine and dry. Can't complain about that while we are still in winter. I do have a bad cold, but so does everyone else! It seems that way anyway! I'll start with scrapbooking. Jordan, the lovely chap that he is!  He really does need to take my advice and Look before he leaps! He thought a  hop over a low wall would land him on a walk way, but NO! he found a 36ft drop down the cliff instead. Lucky lad, it could have been a whole lot worse. I just had to scrap about this  mishap, couldn't resist it. GET WELL SOON!

So, now my effort with watercolour paints. I sketched this while on holiday. the tree and wheel being by the border fence at the villa where we were staying. I am not very good with water painting and drawing. I enjoy trying and that's what it is all about isn't it? Having fun. I finished the painting when I got home. I took a travel tin of watercolours with me on holiday. I have to say, they were really great , there was a small brush included   in the tin  I have two of these books on the go. One I am keeping for painting things like this , the other I'll use  as a art journal (AJ) for mixed media.
Lastly parchment! A design by Judith Maslen Coloured with blendable pencil.
well, that's it for this month folks. Thanks for taking an interest and feel free to leave a comment on here or Facebook/twitter. Its always good to hear what you think.
Take care of yourselves and remember to spread the love! 
see you all next time! 

Monday, 22 January 2018

Good Evening

Good evening all, How are you all? I hope free from colds and flu. I have a heavy cold and a throat that feels like its full of razor blades at the moment. The weather is cold and showers and to be honest the best places to be are either crafting in the dining room or sat in a comfortable chair in front of a toasty fire watching old films! I have some craft to show you, so lets begin!
I am at the moment trying to craft and keep a tidy space. I am selling my house hoping to move closer to family. You have no idea how difficult it is! To be cutting paper and card and snipping at parchment and keeping mess to the minimum!  So, below, this is painted with a damp brush and felt tips. A modern design in Parchment Craft mag.
Below, the card with the bird  I thought was cute. It is a design by Alison Yeates. I used blendable pencils and a blending medium.the cats is a design by Mary Kerr and in one of the latest issues of Parchment craft mag. Normally I am making designs from back issues,  as I love the older style designs but these two caught my eye.

Next is a design of Wendy Walters and is in a older parchment craft mag.

Now scrapbooking, back to Disney pages. This shows the double lay out (DLO) of myself and Goofy  
I thought I would also post  them as single pages so you can see them better.

Next I used a sheet of paper from the Sandylion collection of Disney papers. One photo is not that good quality but when you are trying take so many photos over a short time there is bound to be some that suffer and Capt. Hook was one!I used metal charms and gems on this page. Plus a flair button available from Bramble Fox
Goofy again, this time in the parade.

close up below. I used a project life acetate card to go over the photo and to frame it.

Last but not least is King Louie! Rocking away to the music in the parade. On the tag (part hidden) I have added a little journalling.

so, that's it for this time folks. I hope you enjoyed seeing what I have been making. Thanks for looking.
Remember to spread the love and  that life is a gift so live it and be nice. We are all different, think differently and have different views on all sorts of things. Debate is good but it doesn't have to end up in a fight or falling out with each other. We can learn a lot from each other if we would just stop not just to listen but the hear the other   persons point of view. Then try to give a little understanding and patience. 
until next time take care!